Fishing report

May.   I went to a stream, a little one, named after a Pollinaise room in Nordeast Minneapolis.  A big pool near the bridge, which probably hold a  bunch of big trout.  went upstream, where I had caught brookies with my buddy Jason back on the weekend before the 4th of July a few years back. Did nothing from shore, but when I finally got into the stream, put on a bead head (something I tied up with orange and black, with a strike indicator) I fell into them.  I could hardly keep them off the hook!  It was an hour of fun.  Kept 3, – released some real  beauties, about 15 inches or so.  Then went down stream, where a grandmom,  grand daughter, and young tattoed mom with meth-looking teeth were catching and keeping, in the hole  previously mentioned.  worms, and a stringer of large trout. oh well. I wished them luck.  Wandered downstream, could not raise them. revisited the old hole- could not duplicate the earlier connections; just a few trout.

They were brown trout.  I cooked them will garden dill.

Went over to the little stream named after the bebop player sometimes called ” Bird”. A tiny stream: played tag with a few beauties.


I will tell you later, of a River in Western Wisconsin, of a Saturday when it rained, and many trout were caught and released. IN fact, 17! More on that later.  Let me describe yesterday.

April 22

the perfect earth day.

Woke at 5. strong coffee, morning prayers.

Drove down to a place past Rochester, because I wanted to catch some trout to eat. Stopped in a town noted for it’s brass band library, and fished in a creek , named after a building with machinery to produce flower. I thought I would stay there for a short time, catch a bunch of rainbows, ( maybe even using the spinning rod) and then depart for a favorite, intimate stream, whose name sounds much like a small, slender tree -dwelling ape native to southeast Asia.

But I ended up  staying at the first creek longer, enchanted by catching semi-wild trout.  They were so funny! I will continue this post later.

A tuesday in March.

Off to one of my Wisconsin ” little creeks”  It is named after a be-bopper, whose nickname was coined from a  sentient being with wings.  Four fat brown trout, caught and  released, on little orange scud like beings.  A mangy coyote in the distance. A name for my 3 weight rod.. Larry said “name it ‘the Trickster’ ”  I did.   Sparrow hawks, Killdeer, morning doves, sun, wind and by gar, while it was a bit warm, it was sure great to be out.  Then passed the stream where Jason Squiff and I got some nice brookies four years ago, and then to fish upstream on a major river named after the tree bark of a certain hardwood tree, which was sometimes smoked in certian Amerindian ceremonies. Yes, there were some insects which looked caddis-like, but no regular rise patterns.  yet.  This has all probably changed in the past week.

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