Here is my New CD, a Kickstarter project, to fund my album ” Earth Life”.

We have a great start ! In less than a day, we have 22% of my 1,100 goal ! It means so much to me to get support from actual people. Here is the link. Remember, all or nothing, by Nov 30th ! Thank you

THIS weekend will probably be the laST warm one this autumn ! To close out this year of heartbreak, I am sponsoring a two day festival in my backyard, HARPER’S GROVE, with many musical friends. October 10 and 11. starts around 1:11 and finishes about 5:55 each day. If you want to come and don’t know where I live, call me ! or contact me . Music: For the LOVE of it !

Saturday, November 7th, 2-4 pm. Live from “Harper’s Grove” It will be unseasonably warm ! An exquisite small ensemble will celebrate this day, in a time when we need to pick up our spirits. There are still birds in the yard, and my small dog Victor. Bring your mask, maybe a chair, ears. We will stop by 4 pm as then it starts to get cold. Be very groovy ! Sleep and eat well.
From the John Coltrane’s Birthday yard concert 9/23: Douglas Ewart, ( George Floyd commemorative bunt staff) Chris Hagedorn/ Davd Edminter,( tenor saxophones) Todd Harper, ( piano, instigator) Charlie Lincoln, ( bass) Davu Seru ( drums) Nathan Hanson( soprano saxophone) . Video by Aaron Rubenstein. used with permission

Not even November

This is part of the CD Cover !!

Two, or was it three weeks ago…. the 10 and 11th of October, the last beautiful autumnal weekend of the year. And finished out with playing with many of my friends. Tranquil Beauty.

For the past month, 16 of my favorite musicians got together for 4 concerts. It was like trying to eat as much delicious food as possible because we will not eat again until spring. And now it is in our hearts.

Victor guarding the yard

Now it looks like this.

last tuesday. or was it wednesday?

and we feel like this….

So, it is now time to write. I am using processes new to me. P2C2E.( Processes too complicated to explain !) they involve sound, and new ways of digesting them.

They’re all coming ! you can come too !!

Greetings all !! IT IS FINALLY spring here in the North. YEAH !!!! So, hoping you are well.For the first time, I am doing a ZOOM show, on the amazing PATRICK’S CABARET! Here is the linkage. March 28th, Sunday, 7 pm CST. The FULL MOON !

April 29th…. first concert in Harper’s Grove 2021!

We have just completed the first concert in Harper’s grove ! We had an intimate audience, with Aaron Kerr, cellos: James Holdman, guitar; Gary Schulte, violin: and Todd Harper on electric piano/voice. We are coming up with the rest of the concert schedule soon. Tentatively during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month, with either the first or last week as a wild card. The main variable is the weather: obviously they will not happen in rain, tornados, thunderstorms or snowstorms, or under 60 degrees. Other than that, it’s May through at least September !

this was already a month ago !

HARPER’S GROVE… COnert, Sunday, May 30th 2 pm-4pm

Ok,Last Sunday, it was 40 % chance of rain: ugly in the morning. I called it off. Well how funny is that? The sun was out, cool, a lack of humidity. Oh well. I scheduled a much needed rehearsal of amazing string players, plus bassoon and accordion… much of this group will perform a massive show on Friday, September 17th !!!!

This Sunday will feature the “Grove Rhythm players”… Todd Harper, ecelectic/electric piano, Aaron Kerr, cello, and Jackson Kerr, drums. oh yes. others ! Fun will be had ! with lower volume, and no intoxicants.

Harper’s Grove… near the corner of Etna and Reaney in East St. Paul. Walk around, and you will see it. Maybe bring a chair….