From the John Coltrane’s Birthday yard concert 9/23: Douglas Ewart, ( George Floyd commemorative bunt staff) Chris Hagedorn/ Davd Edminter,( tenor saxophones) Todd Harper, ( piano, instigator) Charlie Lincoln, ( bass) Davu Seru ( drums) Nathan Hanson( soprano saxophone) . Video by Aaron Rubenstein. used with permission

Not even November

Two, or was it three weeks ago…. the 10 and 11th of October, the last beautiful autumnal weekend of the year. And finished out with playing with many of my friends. Tranquil Beauty.

For the past month, 16 of my favorite musicians got together for 4 concerts. It was like trying to eat as much delicious food as possible because we will not eat again until spring. And now it is in our hearts.

Victor guarding the yard

Now it looks like this.

last tuesday. or was it wednesday?

and we feel like this….

So, it is now time to write. I am using processes new to me. P2C2E.( Processes too complicated to explain !) they involve sound, and new ways of digesting them.

They’re all coming ! you can come too !!

THIS weekend will probably be the laST warm one this autumn ! To close out this year of heartbreak, I am sponsoring a two day festival in my backyard, HARPER’S GROVE, with many musical friends. October 10 and 11. starts around 1:11 and finishes about 5:55 each day. If you want to come and don’t know where I live, call me ! or contact me . Music: For the LOVE of it !