Hmmm…. looks like it isn’t summer any more!

Here are Todd’s gigs for the rest of the year:

November  13th: 24th:  December 13th: 17th senior residence gigs.  This is where Todd sings all manners of songs, and plays piano.

December 2nd, and 16th. Private Parties, with quartet and trio !

Sunday, December 31.  NEW YEARS EVE at the Black Dog cafe!   OPEN SEASON, with Todd Harper,  electric piano:  Aaron Kerr, electric cello:   Eric Coursen, drums: James Holdman, electric guitar: Chris Hagedorn, tenor saxophone.  from 5 to 8 pm.  It is ” Free”, but remember that”traditionally, New Year’s Eve is  time of generosity….. musicians  really appreciate it !! ”    :)      Start, or end your new year’s eve celebration.  Safe. Sane. Fun.




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