Calendar 2018

Happy New Year!

Here is a happy exerpt from the Musical ecology tour of last year !

Mudpies, studio Z with Jun , Heather, Eric & Todd

In contemplating the shape of  my musical 2018, I have a map of where I want to go,with approximate times of arrival. Ha !

January: record :    trio  with drummer Eric Coursen, electric cellist Aaron Kerr. We will document 5 of my compositions, and 5 standards. This should be available by March.  It will be a small run, with covers that I designed myself.

WInter to Spring: get ready for Festival season.  Compose, present works at the NEW RUCKUS evening at studio Z.

record again: Perhaps with a Quartet/Quintet, or another ensemble.

Summer.  Many outdoor gigs.

Fall. It looks likely that Jun Miyake will be able to return for an October tour!  The musical ecology 2017 was wildly successful, and resulted in a recording ” before dawn”.

Keep posted on this.




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