Todd HarperMusic of Serendipity, lyricims & joy 

Summer and early autumnal happenings.



August 19• Amore Coffee !  Todd  Harper * Chris Hagedorn, tenor saxophone

 Amore Coffee  879 Smith Ave W  55118   651-330-0510 6:30-8:30

Amore Coffee is at the intersection of Smith and Annapolis. It is a very friendly little neighborhood place on the West Side of St. Paul.  Todd and Chris have performed in several contexts: in this one, there will be more singing! Bacharach, some jazz tunes. original compositions.  a great way to relax as summer winds itself down.

Septmeber  9• Amore Coffee!

September 27•Mayo Senior center, Lake City  

••••••*****September28- October3  Autumnal Tour, with Jun Miyake, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Japanese Noh Flute.  

Two different concerts at Studio Z…

  Friday September 29, and Saturday September 30th 

Todd and Jun will be doing various performances and workshops.  Stay tuned FFI !!!*******•••••••******



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