SGI Buddhism.  this is practice has been my spiritual anchor for 36 years! An amazing practice.  I will be glad to talk to you about it anytime.

Paul Cantrell One of my major dudes: collaborator, lyrical pianist/composer, and techno guru extraordinare…

Cory Grossman A young cello master who takes on new music with the bravest of bows.

nato Hey! A great site featuring the works of Jean Rochard…

Carei Thomas   My earliest musical friend: do get this book as soon as you can!

Temporal Mechanics Union  the most killing of all percussion ensembles! Who says Kansas is all prairie?

American Composer’s Forum.   Organization -providing support  for living composers.

Fantastic Merlins  an exploratory quartet  that reaches  the depth of your soul.

John Minczeski. a local poet –flyfisher, and  dear friend.

The New Ruckus: a very grass roots AND NEW organization for creators of music!


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