musical ecology

20181017_152128Musical Ecology: ( left to right) Jun Miyake, ( flutes, tenor saxophone) Aaron Kerr, ( cello, arrangement) Todd Harper ( director,composer, piano, oration) Eric Coursen ( drums, percussion)  Photo by Elizabeth Kerr.

MORE RIVERS AND TREES : 3rd tour by Todd Harper’s Musical Ecology

Wednesday, June 12 8:30 pm. Jazz Central. 407 Central Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, MN 55414 (Lower Level)    Admission:  $10 general : $5 students/seniors

Friday , June 14th 7:30 pm.   Studio Z     275 4th St E Suite 200, St Paul, MN 55101    Admission: $15 : $10 for students/ seniors.

Saturday, June 15th   7 pmEast Side Freedom Library  1105 Greenbrier Street
St. Paul, MN 55106  Suggested donation: $15. No one will be turned away.



Todd Harper is the son of an ecologist, high school biology teacher Herbert Harper. It’s a theme the younger Harper is never far from, as seen in compositions such as: The Power of Rivers (for nonet, 1997) The River Inside of Trees (art song cycles for soprano Kim Sueoka 2010) Bear and Rabbit Want the Same Apple (jazz opera, 2009). Harper has performed at various venues, including: The Walker Arts Center, First Avenue, Patrick’s Cabaret, the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Northern Spark Festival, and Studio Z. His compositions have been performed by the Temporal Mechanics Union percussion ensemble, Dr. Michael Jorgenson, Bill Banfield’s B Magic Orchestra, and the Edgewild players of Bigfork. Harper has co-collaborated with pianists/composers Paul Cantrell & Carei Thomas, for a 16 year annual concert “ Keys Please”.

Recently Harper has been focused on creating new works for mid sized ensembles, which combine structure and adequate room for invention/exploration by the players.

Jun Miyake is a flutist and saxophonist born in Toyo’oka in Hyogo Japan. He is a graduate of the An Jazz School of Kyoto and studied woodwinds privately with Kenji Mori. He accomplished honors in flute study at Berklee College of Music with Matt Marvgulio. He piloted an ensemble that toured the Northeast named Groove Merchant in the late 1990’s. He plays regularly on the upper West Side of Manhattan in addition to making occasional re-visits to Japan, sharing his gifts.