I am so lucky to have incredible musical friends.  They are the folks who interpret the musical ideas that I have, and bring them to life . 

People who don’t know me ask me how many people are “in my band”. I would say no less than 20 ! However, I haven’t fit them all onto a stage at one time. There are more permutations than I can comprehend. As Aaron says ” Rock and Classical music is kind of tribal/clannish. They are tight knit groups that try to stay together.” So I say jazz is more like an open marriage. For me, it’s a great chance to grow with some fine musicians.

Musical Ecology: Open Air + Jun Miyake,( flute, tenor saxophone, Noh Flute). A powerful quartet separated only by geography.

Open Air Trio: the foundation: This trio works in a a plethora of contexts: as a trio, or with our friends. We read each other easily, playing from Farmer’s Markets to Art Openings, Community Gatherings.

Eric Coursen, the whisper drummer. We have played together many times since the late 80’s in the ” Seekers of Beauty”, to now in my other combos
Arron Kerr: my right hand man, the grounded cellist/electric cellist who gets my work, helps define it.

This is me, playing at the Black Dog Cafe, where I curated “piano Fridays” for about 6 yearstodd-piano-sun-


Laura Harada ( Har) is a gifted violinist, adapt at new music, folkloric & jazz styles. She has great control of her instrument, and takes huge risks in inventing music ! Of course, she is in demand. We have known each other since the 90’s.
Nathan Hanson ( Bear) plays soprano and tenor saxophone. We have played together since the 90’s, ( except for about 5 years when He and Lara lived in NYC area.) So glad they came back ! What tone ! lyricism! And a heck of a nice guy!