Since 2016, I have released 5 CD’s.
I am starting to keep up with my ideas!  My goal is to create 2 CD’s each year.    Since  the CD ” Metaphorsisis”, I have resolved to: 1) move decisively  in production, 2) Keep CD’s   less than 40 minutes  and 3)  hand printed each  covers.  I enjoy creating unique variations on the covers, and treat them as art.

 If you want to forgo the art and download from the air,here are some individual songs for purchase:  bandcamp      and, a digital  way to get “9th stream music” on CD Baby:  9th stream musicCD

Here are some samples from recent releases, and information about actual CD’s.

trees  recorded October 22, 2018. Todd Harper, piano, composition, oration. Jun Miyake, flute and tenor saxophone. Aaron Kerr, cello. Eric Coursen, drums.

before dawn recorded October 2nd, 2017. Todd Harper, piano,/composition. Jun Miyake, flute, Noh flute & tenor saxophone.  Eric Coursen, drums. Nathan Hanson, soprano and tenor saxophones. Sean Egan, clarinet. Covers designed & hand printed by Todd Harper.

At the conclusion of the ” Musical ecology ” tour.. very invented music. From the very lyrical flute piano duets: “Abacus” & ” Jun in October” to the terrifying ” God Bless the Demon Child”, with Jun channeling Albert Ayler as we ruminate about Kishimojin.

Winter Survival Winter, 2017. Todd Harper, piano/composition. Eric Coursen,drums, Keith Yanes, double bass.  Covers designed and hand printed by Todd Harper  A reflection on how to survive after the most recent election: keep your feet dry, your head covered, and always keep your fire going inside.  Inventions, with a few graphic scores by Carei Thomas.  “Where is my Home?

Metaphorsisis. Fall 2016. Solo piano ecology of Todd Harper. Autumnal. reflective. Design and Cover by Todd Harper  Monday, September Still

9th Stream Music. 2016 Music of Todd Harper, & Carei Thomas.   Cover Art by Joe Maurer.  with Eric Coursen,(drums) Aaron Kerr ( electric cello) Nathan Hanson ( soprano saxophone) & Keith Yanes ( double bass)  Lyrical, quirky, upbeat tunes.  Libby’s Lunch

 The River Inside of Trees

Jazz lieder. Haiku. Wilderness. Trout. Quirky humor. Storybook innocence. Death & rebirth. 30 tracks, 32 minutes, one unified cycle. 2011

from a found poem, i wrote: when in pieces

This album is the product of a six-year collaboration with singer Kim Sueoka and pianist Paul Cantrell. Kim said that making this album “has been of the most exciting and life-filled and joyful experiences I have ever had.” We loved working on it together, and we hope you will love listening to it!

The physical CD comes in a beautiful package with cover art individually hand-screened by Cork Leg Nelson. The album is also available for download.

Hear previews & get your copy at:
iTunes • Amazon • Rhapsody • eMusic • CD Baby
Liner notesLyricsHigh-res cover art


  1. Lieder, yes, but are you sure these are jazz? They’re a lot more interesting than any jazz I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Todd and Paul and Kim, for creating music that helps me realize–in spite of all that’s sad or bad–how beautiful and funny the world still is. I like to listen again and again. And again.


    1. That is a very kind thing to say… But, coming from the jazz tradition, I feel like I have to defend it a little! :) -there is a lot of very interesting music in my opinion.. try Uri Caine’s take on Mahler. Of course, Bill Evans piano trios. But also Abdullah Ibrahim, ( South African pianist) Herbie Hancock with Wayne Shorter ( 1+1)- too gorgeous to even imagine. Also, the vocal stylings of Abbey Lincoln.

      I used to feel alienated from “classical”, but now I am not so worried about genre. I feel that the artist’s intent is most important. I think that is more important than what style is performed.
      Paul and I call these tunes ” Jazz lieder” and “jazz haiku” because of the harmonic language they are drawn from. Some of the piano parts are “invented”, ( fluid- not notated_ like in the little trout songs. SOme other tunes are more defined.
      It’s a whole adventure to me… what swell people to work with! Thanks for your support.


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