Todd Harper grew up near forests, lakes and rivers. The natural world, weather, seasonal changes, guides his process content. Harper creates ensembles, and sets up habitats for them to invent on. He collaborates with other musical groups, artists, and communities.

The Yukon, 2007
The Yukon, 2009

Harper’s most recent ensemble is ” Musical Ecology”. It features Harper’s short compositions, and is expanded on by cellist Aaron Kerr, drummer Eric Coursen, and flautist Jun Miyake. Kerr and Coursen have worked with Harper in many jazz combos over the years, and Harper invited in Miyake from New York in 2017, to what has become a yearly concert tour and recording project. This group has created 3 CD’s to date.

Harper has studied music with pianist/composer Carei Thomas since 1978, and is insatiable in learning various approaches to music analysis, creation, across genres.