Who ?

  • Todd Harper celebrates the natural world in his music through playing piano, composing, ensemble building, and  collaborating.  His works crosses the line with notation and improvisation, with emphasis on lyricism no matter what.

East Side Freedom Library, Studio Z, Jazz Central,  Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Zumbrota Farmer’s Market, Landmark Center, Macalester College, First Avenue,Edgewild Theatre,  Walker Arts Center, Red Eye Theatre, Black Dog Cafe.Patrick’s Cabaret.


  • Andrea Thoma “Rehearsal” music for short film 2017 ” are your friends SPiderz?”
  • Laura Jeffrey Academy: Three Spring Songs for strings & percussion.  May 2016
  • Brenda Bell Brown  “She never raised her voice” music for short film April 2016
  • Michael Jorgenson: Three songs. Nobel Concert, Gustavus Adolphus. Oct 2011
  • Temporal Mechanics Union: Migrations, & Signals for percussion 2005,’07
  • Edgewild Players: Music for ” The Sawyer & His Men”  Bigfork MN 2007
  • Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra: “Children with Bad Dreams” 2004
  • B-Magic Orchestra ” a mind is a terrible thing(without a heart) 2003

Since the fall of 2016, Todd designs and hand prints each cover of his CD’s. For Physical CD’s contact Todd directly: for download purchasing: contact bandcamp, Todd Harper

•trees. Musical Ecology; Jun Miyake, Aaron Kerr, Eric Coursen, Todd Harper. October 2018. Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with Steve Kaul.

• before dawn: musical ecology with Jun Miyake, Eric Coursen, Nathan Hanson, Sean Egan. October 2017Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with Steve Kaul.

Winter survival: with Eric Coursen, Keith Yanes. trio music for a new era
February 2017 Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with Steve Kaul.

Metaphorsisis: Solo piano ecology, for a pensive, reflective autumn October 2016. Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with Steve Kaul.

•9th stream music: with Eric Coursen, Aaron Kerr,Nathan Hanson & Keith Yanes. June 2016. Working tunes from the ” surreal ” book. Art by Joe Maurer.Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with  Matthew Zimmerman & Steve Kaul.

Keys Please: the early years: with Paul Cantrell & Carei Thomas. recorded live at Macalester College.

the river inside of trees: with Kim Sueoka, Paul Cantrell. Jazz haiku & jazz lieder recorded at Paul’s house, 2010.

•3 pieces in the shape of Erik Satie
: Paul Cantrell, Carei Thomas, Juliette Rabens, Patrick Scully. A DVD recorded live at Patrick’s Cabaret by Mike Rivard. Available through Todd.  3 pieces excerpt

•The Monster of Keys Please: with Carei Thomas, Paul Cantrell & John Minczeski 2002. recorded live.
•the Bear within
: with Eric Coursen, David Edminster, Serge Akou, Pete Thompson 2000.  Recorded at Wild Sound Studio with Matthew Zimmerman.

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