Who ?

Todd Harper is a musician,collaborator,curator,ecologist & artist from St. Paul Minnesota.

Studio Z, Patrick’s Cabaret, Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Zumbrota Farmer’s market, Landmark Center,Macalester College, First Avenue, Walker Arts Center, Black Dog Cafe.


Bill Banfield’s B magic Orchestra, Edgewild players (Bigfork MN), Temporal Mechanics Union( Arkansas City KS) Dr Michael Jorgenson ( Mankato MN) recording..tomorrow will be today Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra,  Brenda Bell Brown video, Dr. Andrea Thoma ( Leeds, UK) music for video..Rehearsal ” are your friends SPiderz?”

Music ecology tour , with Jun Miyake (Oct 2017); live from studio Z for the restless, dying garden Hints & Glimpses : the music of Carei Thomas & Todd Harper ( 2017) live from studio Z  fluster the cat, by Carei Thomas  Keys Please; piano music of 3 generations,with Carei Thomas & Paul Cantrell (2001-2016);a sheepshead is a large drumif i don’t ( fish for trout) Piano Fridays at the Black Dog cafe (2010-2016);trouble in paradise                   Art of Sweat Music Festival (1985-87 & 2005-2008)

RECORDINGS : recorded at Wild Sound Studio,unless noted.
since the fall of 2016, Todd designs and hand prints each cover of his CD’s

• before dawn: musical ecology with Jun Miyake, Eric Coursen, Nathan Hanson, Sean Egan. October 2017

Winter survival: with Eric Coursen, Keith Yanes. trio music for a new era
February 2017

Metaphorsisis: Solo piano ecology, for a pensive, reflective autumn October 2016.

•9th stream music: with Eric Coursen, Aaron Kerr,Nathan Hanson & Keith Yanes. June 2016. Working tunes from the ” surreal ” book. Art by Joe Maurer.

Keys Please: the early years: with Paul Cantrell & Carei Thomas. recorded live at Macalester College

the river inside of trees: with Kim Sueoka, Paul Cantrell. Jazz haiku & jazz lieder recorded at Paul’s house, 2010.

•3 pieces in the shape of Erik Satie
: Paul Cantrell, Carei Thomas, Juliette Rabens, Patrick Scully. A DVD recorded live at Patrick’s Cabaret by Mike Rivard.3 pieces excerpt

•The Monster of Keys Please: with Carei Thomas, Paul Cantrell & John Minczeski 2002

•the Bear within
: with Eric Coursen, David Edminster, Serge Akou, Pete Thompson 2000

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