visual intuitive scores

Welcome to my visual/Intuitive scores. They look a little different than even most graphic scores. Therefore, I am leaving A LOT of choices to you, the musicians. Create a meaning for you. Follow the rhythm,meaning of the words, the shapes, colors, delve into your subconscious and see what it says. Then have fun !

We All Need Copious Amounts of water ! for Garrett McQueen. bassoon & percussion ( mostly wood, with one piece of metal)

Fauna Obscura… for 4-5 instruments… possible oration

Seeds: for any instrumentation. possible oration.

Happy Ghosts. ( for out ancestors) 16 x16. for all instruments. Must have percussion. oration, a bossa nova, like ” Corcavado” by Jobim meeting ” Ghosts” by Albert Ayler

Bird Myth #1. 2021 For any instruments, and oration.

What kind of sparrow is that? an homage to my father the ecologist/ teacher. for violin and oration.

Mornings Need Birds

After a rain… for cello and oration

Ambedo: six musicians, divided into duets, trios, and then full ensemble. with Oration

Just because they’re red…. for solo guitar

Sensitive Storms: for any instrumentation, as long as there is at least one percussion.

The speed of Sunset. For piano. start anywhere, and invent “connective musical tissue” to bridge the chords…

Water ceiling waves. For 2-5 musicians capable of dreamy interlocking textures, sliding into notes, taking time. Yes, an orator is important. The more instruments, the less they should play.

Dedicated to David Stenshoel, who made uncommon times common. violin and oration.

This is about our history, and the role of language in creating/maintaining confusion. What came first, the sound or the drawing? For a few instruments, and an orator with an opinion.

Bird Myth # 6. For a rhythm section, with at least one reed player playing flute, alto saxophone, or bass clarinet. And an orator. Refer to the ” Hat and Beard” bass line/ change out pitches to keep it original.

For Four instruments.

For solo string(cello, bass, viola, guitar) and oration. Start on the left side .. play any of the notes of the chords,… pizzicato, with the oration of a story about foxes. End by the dm11 on the right hand side. Less than 3-4 minutes long.

This marsh song has not been performed yet ! Piano, and… some other melodic instrument.

Anagram crackers is irreverent. Play with an orator, with combinations of abrasive spiky and smooth dark tones. Perhaps electric guitar and… trombone? clarinet?

Bird Myths #3, Birds look so sweet. Don’t be fooled. a trio of musicians. such as: marimba,cello/guitar & bass flute/ clarinet. or variations. or piano, metal percussion, and trumpet. or….