Full moon rabbit: folkloric avante-garde

Back about 10 years ago, right before I went back to college, I had the idea to start an ensemble that would meet infrequently, perhaps seasonally, to invent music.  I was looking for a more ” wooden” rather than metal sound: marimbas, violins, bass clarinets, etc, using folkloric percussions over huge drum sets, more chordal material coming from  melodic instruments, and  a mostly piano-less group.  All this coming from a piano player!

Full Moon Rabbit had about a gig every other year until April 2010.  Since then, we have played 5 times, and have another gig on March 18th.

Where? at the home of musical happiness, Black Dog coffee and wine bar!

Why are we playing out so much now?   First of all: a great venue.  Second. I am not rehearsing the group.  We invent- build on what we know.

Thirdly I am “vocalizing ” works by Carl Sandburg- his “rootabaga stories”, his poems, other poems.  and I play some piano.

With me are these fine cats:

Steve Sandburg, Trombone, baritone; Donald Washington, tenor, baritone saxophone, flutes & clarinet; Sean Egan, clarinet; Will Kemperman, drums, percussions, marimba/vibes’ and sometimes, Nathan Hansen, soprano and tenor saxophones.   Because this is a small group that listens, we  go anywhere musically.  We will be joined on the 18th by Gary Schulte, on violin. Here is the link to video excerpts from last summer.

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