March… madness of the mad hare

First three Fridays in March I will be playing the black piano, at the Black Dog Cafe, from 6 to 7:30. A most excellent place to perform: casual, yet classy: affordable yet delicious and delectable: a place which supports SO MUCH ART deserves YOUR patronage! I have been working out some piano things, and singing as well. On the 18th, FULL MOON RABBIT will hop onto the stage: with reeds and brass and wood and drums and me: Donald Washington, Nathan Hanson, saxophones: Sean Egan, clarinet; Steve Sandburg, trombone, Gary Shulte, violin, Will Kemperman on percussions, and I will press down notes on the piano, open up my throat and let’er rip. and tell some Rutabaga stories from our uncle Carl Sandburg. and who knows what else! the 18th begins at 8-11 : You can leave us generous or reasonable amounts of folding money, eat a delicious macaroon, a wine glass, a tap beer, a Cuban pulled pork sandwich, meliflous soups, and I will warm up the piano earlier. Hey! Spring
is the thing
in your heart.
it’s virtually here!


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