YOU must believe in Spring

I have lots to say, and hardly anything at all. My goal was to brag about my friends, the Fantastic Merlins, to promote their improvisation class, and wonderful concert, but that was a week ago and it was packed. Yeah! and, a day of futile trout fishing ( on one sense) but I got to cast into gorgeous, clear water, sneak up on waterfowl, and be snubbed by persnickity little brook trout. a sweet rejection. I got exhausted, and a bit sick. and this week– of rain. Listened to some music, played some, tried to behave at school. Pretend that I really care about what I am doing, when in reality I am more distracted by the students. I have musical ideas, which I intend to write down with my set of new colorful pens, and it is spring, and yet it is not spring because it has been so damned cold. But this afernoon, this evening, on our walk, with little Victor, we saw the sun, and Libby and I ate ice cream. Victor tried to chase a cat and a rabbit and a squirrel. When it rained, i woke up in the night, thinking ” did i take the seeds inside?” I thought ” yes” but woke in the morning to find them in a package, soaked, by the garden. I tried to write a song in my head, and when i got to the piano, i forgot it.
I bought stripy socks last night, and I am still distracted.
What a time. what the heck. I am playing at the Black Dog only twice in May: the 6th, and the 27th. Next week, I will start around 5pm, to be done by 6:43pm. My dream is to have some more jazz poetry; Carl Sandburg haiku style to sing to you, as well as piano musings. …. when I am an old man in the spring… will my body be still alive, but my mind dead, and wandering? the scent of green leaves/…… opening in the mind ….. of rain.

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