The relentless melody of spring.

Image  We often think of melody is a group of notes,, which is supported by other notes,( harmony). How about melodic phrases being repeated, in order to create a support for a new melody? Discovered  a few new melodic/harmonic pathways, from playing  with Donald Washington and Cory Grossman last week. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun. I have learned to enjoy playing solo- I had the strange realization, that just about any tune can segue into just any other tune.  My practice sessions have turned a bit strange.  I discovered that the melody of” rain drops keep fallin’ on my head” ( when repeated over and over) fits like a glove with Ornette Coleman’s ” dancing in your head”; so do you call it ” raindrops: keep dancing in your head,and falling”? Come find out, at the Black Dog..

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  1. How about melody as a relationship between notes? as the ligaments which connect the music’s skeleton? “Ligament” and “legato” come from the same Latin word. And if two notes can be connected, why not two melodies?

    Raindrops do indeed keep dancing in my head.


    1. Yes. I have been thinking ( sensing) that every melody, can be connected to any mother melody…. the question is just how. ? I have some music that I recorded., with Cory and Donald, that blows me out of the water. I listened to it a week later and it still moves me.
      HOw are you?


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