I am still getting used to how to do a blog.
While I have been working on something allegedly humorous, I am feeling the need to expand on what is current RIGHT NOW. SO I will go outside for a few minutes, sit under the maple tree by the garden, and get it down.

Todd Harper. music of outside

So it is. It is the end of the full moon. I was going to finish the next chapter of the first big gig of the Full Moon Jazz Collective. I was also going to go trout/camping in the heart of Wisconsin, clean up my yard, mulch all the garden, fix things, work on my jazz opera, and about 15 other pressing items.
My summer has withered and died on the vine, like so many tomatoes in the first hard frost.( my own tomatoes are just fine, thank you). But now, I am back at my main job, teaching 6th grade at an Arts Immersion school.

It’s a new school for me, and while I will be working hard, I really like the school! More on that later. The implications is that I will be devoting my life to this. My posts on “troutsongs” come after my Buddhist practice, my…

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