In no particular order:


• A great new school for me.  Four Seasons Arts Integration School is a school I can fight for.  NO  Staff gossip! Four Seasons shows the potential that serious arts teaming can bring to education.

•I got to go fishing many times.  While I mostly fly fish ( yeah, Larry, seeing the coyote at Parker’s creek was a great joy!) I had a memorable time returning to my roots, and using worms, and a spinning rod.  Lot’s of clear, gorgeous water, and a few rainbow trout!

• Afton State Park. While I did not get to fancy camping this year, I was able to make it to Afton. Camping with Larry is grounding, as eating  bison roast, cut thin, with good soup can not be matched!

•A musical home in the Black Dog.  What a great place, how fortunate I am to have such  good musical friends.  While I have many musical friends, I am going to focus a lot of energy on a trio, with Peter and Andrew.. two  hip dudes who get my stuff!!. Thank you Nathan, Peter, Jean, Sarah, David, Peter, Cory,  Leo, Donald, and…… .

•Keys please, with Carei and Paul and Brian last year.  You are such great friends!

• a dream to write this crazy jazz book, and the encouragement from all of you who read!

• My Buddhist Practice, the members of SGI, Daisaku Ikeda.  Each morning I tackle my obstacles, challenge my destiny, and see potentials unfold in my life and in the lives of those around me. Thank you for the continued encouragement! Thank you FNCC, for the revitalization!

•My family.  My wife is so patient and funny and supportive, and tells the truth to me as she sees it.  This is not what I always want to hear, but it is always what I need!  We have been married 20 years now.  My daughter is spunky, sincere, and loves debate and soccer.  Victor, the wonderdog, is the other guy in the house.  He is the buddy to everyone .

• My garden. Carrots, Kale,  Arugula, tomatoes, beans, patty pan squash  did well this year!  And now, a new compost pail. Yeah!

•My neighbors. Roger is the perfect mayor of the block- his daily walks keeps all of us connected. Thank you, Ue, Mr. Thao, Joe, Chris, and all the great folks that live on this block!

• My Nephew and Lauren, with their new baby!  Yes!  Great to go fishing and see the old Turtle River homestead, hanging with Saul. Driving  home through Libby, with Libby.

• Seeing my brother Doug, after all he is going through, he is moving ahead with his life.

• So, I need to add a lot of names.  If you are reading this, you know who you are.  My  determinations are to expand even further next year, and make this a completely memorable time.


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