This Year

Each Friday,from  about 5 to about 7 :30,Todd Harper plays piano at the Black Dog Café.   In this intimate setting , Harper  explores the sonic world  with  Rover, the black  piano.  Two times a month, Harper plays solo, performing his own compositions, juxtaposed with melodies of his youth- as well as music by Abdullah Ibrahim, Carei Thomas, and his many musical friends.   It is meant to be a friendly time; invented music of the heart: jazz without the attitude.


Once a month, Harper  is joined by drummer Peter Leggett, and bassist Andrew Foreman. This trio has a youthful, inspiring sound, exploring more waltzes and latiun pieces than straight-up swing.  The trio takes a fresh approach to the invention and development of the tunes: which are mostly Harper’s, but also include works by local  composer/pianist Carei Thomas.    This ensemble, called the “Pirates of Possibilities” for now, first played in May 2012 at the Black Dog, and will celebrate it’s first year with recording in June of 2013.  Come on down and hear this exciting ensemble!


Todd Harper has many musical friends. Once a month, he saved a space for duets and trios with some of  his friends.  One pairing with Saxophonist Nathan Hanson has been especially fruitful.  The two musicians have known each other nearly twenty years, and have a deep musical connection, based on friendship, and notes about fatherhood.  It’s been about a year since Todd and Nathan began playing in this configuration, and so far, Nathan has only taken out his soprano saxophone.  It’s been working.

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