Happy New Year!


I really appreciate all the folks who came out and saw Nathan, Brian and I on New Year’s Eve! It was a special, lyrical show.  You all defied the odds and came out in  ferocious weather !  Friday, Jan 3 is supposed to be a break in the weather… So make a break for it!

Image       Jan 3rd 5:26-7:24pm   BOOM! It’s the long awaited return of

The HARPER/LEGGETT/FOREMAN trio is getting back into the swing and waltz of it all,, after a brief hiatus. This piano/drum & bass trio plays with vigor and delight- entirely original in their approach. Drummer Peter Leggett and bassist Andrew Foreman play around town in other contexts- Peter with hop hop geniuses “ the Heiruspecs”, “ Aaron & the Sea”; Andrew works nearly every night with groups like “Parker Paisely” “Lisa Bremmer & High Society”, “ Sarah Morris”, and many, many others.

Todd  has been a pianist/composer/collaborator for quite a while, and has been responsible for establishing an early Friday evening scene at the Black Dog Café, with the “ Piano Friday’s series”. You may have heard him with Carei Thomas & Paul Cantrell in their “ Keys Please” concerts, or with saxophonist Nathan Hanson, or his many other musical friends.Todd is the elder of this trio, and cherishes how Peter and Andrew boldly interpret his music, and make it their own. He appreciates their youthful energy and iconoclastic approach- the bold, yet tasty sounds. 

HLF has been  working with the “ Surreal book” ( a collection of mostly Harper originals) for a year, and is getting it really tight. They are recording this spring. Come on down!

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