oh, and it’s high of -4 today.

oh, and it's high of -4 today.

Victor, the tough dog of the north!
So, I am reporting that I have ruminated. It was even pleasant outside at 11 am, very sunny, bright snow, quiet. It was also -10 below. Not bad, until the wind came up. ever so slightly, we ducked around and came back inside. It reminds me of the early 70’s, when my oldest brother Irv, came back from the war, and settled North of Bemidji MN, where it gets REAL cold…. -20 on a regular basis. And for a few years, he heated his house with wood. WOOD! I really though I was going to go that way, become a jackpine savage, logging, gardening, and subsisting. Being a guitar player, etc. Discovering SGI Buddhism, jazz,and the fact that I am an extrovert took me on a different path. But I remember when this weather didn’t faze me, when I was a tough little shit going out to play because I didn’t know that I couldn’t. Cross Country Skiing, ice fishing, muskrat trapping, and poetry. I have some memoirs to polish, and since the governor gave me the day off, I am going to take a little time tonight/tomorrow, away from planning, away from the piano and music i must write, and formulate the words which are starting to flow, like the beginnings of a stream. Stay tuned. stay warm. It’s a high of -16 tomorrow. Why do I still live here? It must be inside of my internal Archetype. Heck. I am a Northern boy.

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