I agreed to do an insane thing. In the middle of the night, between June 14 and 15, I will be taking part of a performance of Erik Satie’s ” vexations”. While I had looked at the chart years ago, I was annoyed by the incessant mixtures of flats, sharps, double flats and all.
I transposed it to all flats and naturals- and listened to several versions. Did some analysis. Sure a lot of tritones! oh yes, and the second time through, the right hand is just inverted. I am only going to play it for an hour. probably very slowly. It has been said that it is ” impossible to memorize”. well, I can hear parts of it in my mind’s ear – is this because of my jazz training? My ADD? Getting the piano tuned was a good idea. I have never done anything quite like this before. I will keep you posted on this process. By the way, thank you and welcome to the person (s) from Brazil who have been checking out this post!

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