Ulrich Gumpert: six gnossiennes of Erik Satie

Ulrich Gumpert:  six gnossienes of Erik Satie

Delightful. While I have heard these selections before, they have been sandwiched in between other music- the i pod disease. Randomness is fine: I am abstract random ADD, ( and proud of it) but here, it is purposeful to hear music in a context.

The speed of this performance stand out. Yes, I have heard these works, but never at this tempo. Reflective. unhurried. about half the speed of most interpretations. How refreshing!

A richness and lyricism stands out, and the moments afterwards, ” The ghost of music” is still ringing inside my hears, my stomach.
This was the most important thing for me, the hyper active one, to hear.
It explains why I want to hear slow music. In this world of dizzying effects, affectation, the speed of uncertainty,mental gymnastics, constant motion, is the speed of a bean seed, sprouting after a rain, of a snail approaching a wall.
Yes, the tempo of these days, is ” lent”. ” largo” even. or ” as fast as a body that is sore and sitting next to a sleeping dog on a green chair”.

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