Vexations…. two days after. Part one.

Vexations.... two days after. Part one.

Erik Satie remarked that to play this tune, “one should approach it from the deepest silence, and serious immobilites.” I may have had that in mind. events did not turn out that way.
Friday night: Gig at the Black dog with Josh, a young bassist! Great.
Saturday afternoon: Gig at the Best Steak House. Opening for the light rail. two hours straight of electric piano. I am done ,can sleep to get ready to play ” Vexations” from 4 to 5:25 am, right?
Nope. We drove to Minneapolis, in the rain. on the convention center stage, is 21 grand pianos! my mouth watered. I could use…. just ONE of those!
and on those 21 pianos, sat a plethora of students. sometimes they doubled up. 30 tunes with full piano usage : two solos. In short, about 700 plus recital!!
Some o the music was very nice.

And, in the drenching rain, we drove to a place for desert…. and there was a piano player!
Finally drove home, Got things together, a blanket, pj’s drove to Lowertown, where I caught the light rail. cool!
Got off at the U of M, walked to Coffman union. I went to school there, a long time ago!
Northrup looks great, inside and out.
Arriving at the Best Buy auditorium, I heard someone play ” Vexations” . At least he was trying to. I think he was feeling overwhelmed.

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