“I’ve Known rivers, and other bodies”

just somethings I still like!

Todd Harper. music of outside

I have been thinking about posting this week: and wanting to do some promoting of my music. After a trying week at work,  I had the most wonderful gig on Friday at the Black Dog!   But writing about your own stuff gets wearing- I would rather talk about so many other things.- like other people’s music, that inspires me.

My new commute is touch longer than before: I now spend about 15 -20 minutes in the car each way.  ( I know, it is short!)  I get to listen to random music.  Being an abstract random, this is a pleasure most times.

I recently got a hold of a CD which I have previously owned as a cassette, and an LP- which were loaned and lost. ( the tape died)

“I’ve known Rivers and other bodies” is a song that has informed and inspired me, in my mind’s ear…

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