naming bands

IMG_1630Sunday afternoon, in the morning, fussing around the garden, pulling weeds, but not with great passion.

Yesterday, played over for the FLOW Festival, in North Minneapolis.

paid a lot for not playing a lot of music.  Perhaps that’s the way to go.

Many dance groups: played my silly little keyboard, interludes, and then with Kim Sueoka. With no rehearsal for over a year, we nailed, absolutely nailed, ” the river inside of trees” and ” Sadness of lilacs”  !

Good to hear Louis Alemehyu and Mick LaBriola… of Ancestor Energy.  and a Little Thurder Anishinabe dance and drum group.  Kim sang gorgeous Freshwater Hawaiian songs.  And Christian, drummer from Ghana. and Wisdom dances.  Excellent, and interactive!

I havent really spent much time over north.  There is some money and care going into the community.  It looks a lot like the east side of St.Paul,where I live.


So now, I want to name two groups I play with. no, they are two duets.  One with Nathan, one with Aaron. laying on my hammock, I pulled these out: Which one(s) do you like? hate?  why?


Old poem barking           notes like weeds     crab-apple bootstrap


Spirit of dandelion    too many poems   unidentified pigeon delivery


Barking at Chris           unexpected coffee           ordinary mystics

Seed savers       mind of water             wrong number conversation  


nature in elevators   Slice of time     string bean notes    



open-ended afternoon   wilting extensions   illegible message carrier        


the mind of… beneath the wheel            waiting for mail    


notes and goats     fear of caves     my quiet afternoon     empty blue bench


haiku thievery     still the dog barks       blue vapors fade      

lush tonal garden     waiting for fountains


delusions of rest   lunch box   Last kid picked       dark mud/patch of snow


         baby finds shadows     traces of puddles  


this broken stem   watch the moon     barometer of wisdom        


images of things         afternoon nap       arugula waterfall     close your eyes


watching the canoe     postcards of waterfalls     list of dreams    


fragrance of lumber       I thought I was …   scattered with clams    


dancing with dirt       serendipitous moth   mystery drink  

the vegtable cure   educated guess       lush tonal garden    


snow slides off   cloud hammock     overdue fines     stop the writing      


vines and words                quietly, far away.    


         Out of the mist   Warmer than ice       living far away

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