The River ( inside of trees)…

The River Inside of Trees305914_2269747433957_1556749275_4004813_7940490_s301645_2269746913944_1556749275_4004812_6149282_s2014-05-09 17.41.10Hello my Friends!

If you are in the Saint Paul Area on this Friday, I would like to invite you to a special performance.

” The River Inside of Trees”….  will  be playing at the Black Dog Cafe, 5:30-7:30 August 15th.  In January 2011, I finished a CD with my good  musical friends Kim Sueoka  & Paul Cantrell.  This was the culmination of almost 10 years of work.  Kim has a magical, engaging voice: Paul posesses an inscrutable and cheerful  musical vision.  It has been a real treat to work with them for all these years.  What does it sound like? Paul helped me define it  ” Jazz Haiku” . “Jazz Lieder”  Put it this way.  For a time, I was doing more writing than playing.  I wrote the tune ” Northwoods Police Report” from an anon.  newspaper text. in 2004.   I showed it to a few singers.  They didn’t get the strange humor  buried inside.  Kim did.   I found myself writing odd little  fragments for Kim , and Paul.   Since then, we recorded a little bit for six years: then with a burst of energy, finished the CD ” The River Inside of Trees”.  We did a tour of Eau Claire, and occasional other appearances.  We are back!  The songs have only matured and strengthened.. We are excited to present them to you this Friday!  We have added some work not on the CD, and are even bringing along our ukuleles, and Paul and his accordion!  It will be great to see you there.

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