October, suspension and release


I have decided that I don’t like most of Autumn. September is the time of complete insanity, starting a classroom, and being so busy that you can’t really breathe without feeling guilty. It is either too cold, or burning hot, and sinuses can;t tell.  Camping can be glorious in the sun, or wretched in a bone-chilling rain. The garden is dying. dead. Time to break it all down.

But, hey: It’s not November yet.  It is a final moment of triumph, color, achievement in the frosty air. Time for  a dog walk, to observe it all, a reflection.

But the daylight grows shorter and shorter. And here in the north, we start to get moody. The other foot will fall.

I  just wrote a new tune today: a funky companion tune to ” Music for a Romantic Movie”, which I wrote in the 80’s. The new song  has similiar chord changes/ structure, but is funky…. called ” Living ( in a tragic French Film).  Yes, it is a parody of my romantic life of the 80’s. So redunkulous that it is now art, (subliime?)  It will be fun to play.  Actually really great to start a tune in the morning, work on other things, and then nail the bridge in the afternoon.  Need to do this more often!

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