What Todd has been fixated on..

Greetings my friends.

I have spent the better part of this year preparing for a concert tour, which will manifest from October 18 to the 21st. The name of the group is called “Musical Ecology”. It’s a blending of musicians from the Twin Cities, and New York.

Last year, we pulled off a tour and recording with little time for preparation. This year, we are going deeper. The theme is “ Ending the War on Trees”. We will showcase 9 new compositions, and play in three locations.

Jun Miyake flutes , tenor saxophone.Todd Harper grand piano ,electric piano.              Aaron Kerr acoustic cello.Eric Coursen drum and percussion set.Douglas Ewart multi-insturmentalist, on Sunday only !


Thursday, October 18th. Studio Z, St. Paul MN 7:30 pm

Saturday, October 20th, Jazz Central, MPLS MN 8:30 pm

Sunday, October 21st, East Side Freedom Library, St. Pal 4 pm

Sunday will feature a panel of citizen ecologists for a discussion:   Cecilia Martinez (Center for Energy, Earth & Democracy) Melvin Giles ( Peacemakers of Minnesota) & Chelsea De Armond ( MN350). Discussion will be moderated by Peter Rachleff, ( co-director East Side Freedom Library)

I have been putting my all into preparation for the performances: conceiving, writing, researching/rehearsing, editing and polishing the music, and numerous other preparations. The music is intimate, reflective, exploratory, terrifying, compelling, and hopefully a stimulus for taking action. I know this recording will open up new opportunities for me.

We are going to record this project on the 22nd. To support this I am doing a kickstarter project. It is over on the 13th of October. It would really help the process to be able to pay ALL the participants, including myself. Although it had a slow start, I believe that many of you will feel compelled to participate. We can get the momentum up .And for that, I thank you profoundly. Look up   “ending the war on trees by Todd Harper- kickstarter” on your google search.

I thank you again for reading to the end of this, and for your support.    stay warm ! Todd


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