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February 28th. The FULL MOON ! Greetings earthlings.

It is a most creative time… a time of culmination, illumination, clarity. A time of change. A time of opening, of bursting out, the back and forth battle between winter and spring. For the past two weeks, I have been listening to a lot of Anthony Braxton, and Dmitri Shostakovich. Utterly amazed by their artistry and vision.

The direction of my ” SYMPHONIC EQUIVALENT” ( Put down your damn phone and look at the moon!)

The traditional definition of a symphony has a certain weight, substance, sonic possibilities. Also coming with this word is the cumbersome burdens of definitions, sonata – allegro forms, and…. an orchestra. Most written by now dead white men, with a pedigree, or patron sponsor ships.

Well, I am not dead, but I do not have a full traditional orchestra at my beck and call. And I want my next big work to include a plethora of my musical community.

Although the moon cycle is 29 .5 days long,it will be a bit awkward to have that many movements. So it will work better to have 6 movements. It’s going “take as long as it takes.”-which means I will be suspending my tendency to rush, and sometimes force things out before they are ready. I will post more later ! Be well !

February 13th. Two days after the New Moon. It is especially frigid, dangerously so. My big plan, is my “symphonic equivalent”, ” Put down your damn phone, and look at the moon”. It will have 28 movements. ! Plus the opening /closing theme. There are going to be many, many players on this, but thematicly connected. !!

Because of circumstances, I was not able to make the studio date. I sent Aaron Kerr, (the cello samurai)n to do his magic with multi-tracking. An auspicious start to this year.

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