It’s been a winter . But on Waltz Day ( 3/4) you can see the exploratory quintessetial quintet ” Troux Bloux” at Acadia Cafe ! 9-11 pm we split the night with our friends ” Single Cell” who play 7-9 pm. That’s at 329 Cedar Ave south, Mpls 55454. 5$ cover. It’s in the same place where the New Riverside Cafe used to be! It is youthful group: Tarek Abdelqader- drums: Ivan Cunningham- alto saxophone: Matty Harris- baritone saxophone + surprise reeds: Erik Fratzke-bass: Todd Harper-electric piano, visual & intuitive composition, spoken words. It is a great joy to work with these fearless but friendly explorers of sound. Come on by: there’s sure to be a waltz! FFF

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