The Full Moon of March

Found out an even more interesting fact, from Sarah Remke of the Black Dog cafe.
“This Friday is just before the full moon. Not only is it a full moon, but it’s the biggest full moon in 19 years! It’s also the time when the moon is closest to Earth.”
Not to over indulge in mysticism. BUT This will be a time to be out.. All signs say come to the Black Dog between 6 and 11. All signs say you will experience the 5 spider jack rabbits leaping over the highest skyscraper. and you will be deep down among the dagger dancers. and Joe, joe, broke his toe – on the way to Mexico…. and all these reeds will make chords: baritone, tenor saxophone & clarinet, with violin and trombone and percussives – but not just any… these dudes have ears, as ears as big as the rabbit you find in the full moon. It has been a full lunar year cycle since FULL MOON RABBIT has begun ( again) at Black Dog… since then, we have been there 4 times! Before last April, we had 4 gigs since 1999 ! This is re- dawning of the age of the FUll MOON RABBIT.
Winter never fails to turn to spring. The sound will be gigantic, and come down to a whisper. With all the hitting of the fan of various excrements, what the world needs now is a few of my favorite things.
How did I name it? While camping in Wild River state park, I saw during a full moon, some scampering rabbits on the trail… and visioned the
” folkloric avante-garde”- more wooden than metallic, more skin drums than plastic.
So I wrote some things down. and rehearsed now and again.

But this past year, we haven’t used much paper. It will be amazing, no doubt.

I heard that in Asia , when you look into a full moon, you see a Rabbit!
Black Dog Cafe is located at the corner of 4th street and Broadway, near the farmer’s market, In downtown St. Paul.
Full Moon Rabbit starts at 8. Gary Schulte and I will play ballads and waltzes and pretty music from 6-7:30.
Be there, and be a circle!

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