Friday, March 25th

Friday spring break edition!

Todd, playing a black piano at the Black Dog. 3/25

As much as the snow is a step backwards, it is less cold than that wicked rain yesterday.

There’s not going to be any camping for me this week- and with the streams and rivers nearing flood stage, no trout except for those in my dreams. I have been swimming in sounds.
For the past 3 days, I have been listening almost nonstop to Uri Caine’s take on Mahler: It’s abosutely gorgeous. ON the piano, I have worked on some standards! ( only the cool ones) especially Billy Strayhorn and Bill Evans. Also contemplating mortality, etc, and will post some musings. I will feature some film music, from Nino Rota, and Monsiuer Hulot’s holiday, as well as my own “variations on music from a Romantic Movie”.

NO Cover! Get some tasty eats and drinks, unwind from your work or play week.
I’m playing early this week, from 5 until 6:30
Support the Black Dog- It’s a great place!
Give me a shout.


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