music for a time and place

Greetings! The weather outside is..good for the garden, good for trout fishing, but a bit dreary and wet. cold. I need to see the big yellow thing in the sky again. IT will return, hopefully not turned on full blast.
The next place I play in public, will be at my new musical home, the Black Dog. not a surprise. But the time… as Jean Rochard calls it ” le petit-matin” – beginning an hour earlier than I usually get up! I start at 4:45 and play until sunrise, 5:28. AM!!! I am happy to be part of ” nuit blanche twin cities”, NORTHERENSPARK.ORG. There is, a “plethora of piñatas”, a multitude of mayhem, in short, a whole bunch of art, and art-like happenings.
It would be fun to stay up for it all! But, to perform, I will go to bed sort of early, and use my occasional insomnia for good.
It has been many years, (or maybe has been never) that I have played piano for other people at this hour. It is fun to wonder what it will sound like.. and what will people need, to have a little doze off time, a gradual awakening, or the jolt of piano clash to keep them awake as they drive home? time to put the “fun” back into functionality. If you came down, it would be really sweet to play for you. Heck, I might even catch you a fine bass!

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