music for this and that and this….

So,  I spent yesterday in the garden, digging up things, walking the dog, putting up a fence, watching  my daughter practice soccer, making curry, and writing this and that.  Hearing Erik Satie. looking at  ” SPorts and Divertissments.”

My mind could not stop thinking about music for specific events.  everyday banalities.  Saite already thought about these.

Here are some motifs ( for piano and voice) that I am going to tackle.

•music for cleaning out your backpack. • music for allergies.  • music for listening to music • music for disagreeing with friends. • music for giving into distractions.  • music for throwing out old pens.• music for thinking about your own death. • music for watching your daughter play soccer.   • music for walking a dog. •music for thinking about doing your dishes,then doing them. •music for avoiding context.  • music for thinking about trout • music for not buying something.• music for trying to think about clever things to say.   • music for looking at that big, amazing tree with the reddish maroon leaves.

What am i missing?

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