The change of the weather

WHile it is not offficially the Autumnal Equinox, and we are technically still in summer, no one is thinking summer thoughts around here any more. Most folks are back in long pants, having grudgingly put away their shorts. and it is close.
Next Friday, is the day. It is also the birthday of John Coltrane, the patron saint/ guardian of the tenor saxophone, the expander of the soprano, and the cosmic spearhead of much free music. Not that all free music sets you free!
It would be a good time to check out some Coltrane again… some of my favorites:
( my favorite things!!!**(*)(*!!!, Central Park West, Ascension, After the Rain, Welcome, Kulu Se Mama, India, Meditations, Syeeda’s song flute,Living room, Spiritual, Alabama, Big Nick, and dozens of others.
As luck would have it, I am playing that night! At the Black Dog, I will play many Coltrane tunes, and some songs in, through that genre. I will be joined by my good friend, Bob Ockenden, the ” clock man” of the guitar.. a very sweet sound. Where?
My musical home of happiness, the Black Dog Cafe, from 5:30-7:30. Also expect some tunes from my buddy John Proctor who will be in town . After that, Bob and I are going down to SW wisconsin to play tag with some wily brown and brook trout… to finish the running water season! But, if you are game, come on by earlier!

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