Appreciation, the month of dread, music during times of of oppression.

Greetings all.
It’s almost NOvember. Next week, the sun sets in the late afternoon, sadly. the ground freezes, and even the hardy kale ,carrots and radishes will die. SOmehow, though, we dig in , and survive.
And what has kept me surviving? My buddhist practice, my family, friends, but very importantly, music. Not just listening, going to concerts, and writing for others. A year ago, Sara asked me when I was going to start playing the piano at the Black Dog, in Lowertown. I started sometime a year ago.
SInce then, I have played at least 3 times a month, sometimes more- including a summer experiment when I played the Tuesday Morning “rush” ( often it was only Amy & Jess)
Not only did my piano hands return, they came back in a new hands are thinking independently, and I am following my short attention span, instead of trying to ignore it. This has been the most amazing experience for me: I have utmost appreciation to Sara, Jean, Stacy, Leo, Alli, James, Amy, Jess, Gary, Martha,Brian, Nathan, Eli, and so many folks who have patiently listened to me over this year. I love the black piano, and have named him “Rover”. I have written 4-5 new songs on that piano, and discovered countless others.

This month, I am stretching out again. ON the 4th, & 18th, I am playing with the joyful young cellist Cory Grossman. He has a strong intuitve sense of where I am, and where we could go. He plays in both cleffs, walks, plays melodies, and can get as quiet as a whisper. He has a million projects going on, and I am glad he is choosing to perform with me. 5:30-7:30.
ON the 11th, I ‘m going to do a solo night: But on the day after thanksgiving,( the25th) I am joined by Cory, AND the unmistakeable Andrew Foreman on acoustic bass! The lower timbres will resonate in this great wooden room.

Have I told you how much I like the Black Dog’s room? Many rooms are big– with vaccous, cavernous,- incredibly difficult acoustics.- The dog is warm, not needing much amplication.
Okay, I will remind people twice this month through these devices. Also, tell your friends. No cover, but come buy a yummy sandwich,salad or soup,warm or cold drink, drop some folding money, and hear some Friday night sounds, before you go “out for the big show”, or go home to nest and nestle. I will speak about the music of oppression later .
with a trout in my heart

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