CHange in the weather

Yesrterday, I sat next to my garden, looked at the sky. The wind was blowing in some clouds, which intermingled with the sunlight. Last night, the temperature dropped, and that special invigorating light came in. I sat outside with my coffee, before the dog walk and my morning prayers and relished in the stillness.
On our walk, Victor and I came across a murder of crows.. Three were in a tree, looking ominous, reminding me of the three witches of Macbeth. As soon as I made eye contact with them, they flew off.
Of course crows do not really go around omenizing do they? They just eat whatever they can, garbage, baby birds, whatever looks good. Kind
of like our national symbol, the bald eagle… Eagles look majestic, but they are notorious for stealing fish from other birds. Is there a connection?
I am realizing how much my creativity, my mood is tied up with the weather. We are just coming out of a humid, hot phase, which dulls my senses. Today is the reminder, the first touch of autumn in the air( ever so slight) The garden is coming in well, with tomatoes, patty-pan squash, beans, cukes, and the carrots are getting ready. The kale is a bit beaten up.
Time for a musical harvest too. After months and months of playing out, I am ready to tackle a project for someone else. I only have a few solo and duet gigs until the 21st of September, and a grant to write. And things. What kind of weather, time of year do you work best in?

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