The MYStery of Keys Please!!!!

Greetings folks:

Up here in the North, we are experiencing a deep-freeze- must be time for ‘KEYS PLEASEthe garden of mystery.....” in Saint Paul.  For the past 12 years, Paul and Carei and I have been putting together a special concert.  All three of us “play piano”, but in entirely different ways.  ( OR are they that different?)  We come from three different generations, spanning some 40 years.  And yet, we have built a strong musical, aesthetic unity.

Since year two, we have had a special guest.  This has given a special focus to each concert, and shaped the compositions and inventions which comprise the concert.

This year, our guest is James Holdman.  You may have seen him with Viv Corringham, playing bouzouki in the Greek Rembatika  style.  Or, you might have heard him playing massive  Zimbabwe marimbas in “ the Marimba buliies”, Or, with the Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra, or with the new music exploratory group “ Earworm”.  James is the consummate ensemble player- understated, lyrical, expressive.  We had a jolly time drinking “ verbal tea” ( oolong) and thinking of endless possibilities, of things inside of things.  Then, we narrowed it down.

If you have not come to a “ Keys Please” concert, I sincerely wish for you to attend this one. You will hear a wide stylistic variety, ( Brahms, to café waltzes to color rows to,,,,,,????)  but they are all tied together by the aesthetics of the performers/composers. Carei, Paul and I have really grown together and created a new musical lexicon, a multi-dimensional hooha, with sounds and poemmetry; things planned, and random.  And Mysterious!!!     We will be glad to see you!

We will have… some musical items for purchase…. And maybe some refreshments?    Drop me a line if you have the thing like questions.

“Keys Please 12:  The Mystery of Keys Please”

  with Paul Cantrell, Todd Harper, and Carei Thomas .

special guest, string master James Holdman.

Studio Z ( this is on the second floor, where Zeitgiest

275 E. Fourth Street, St. Paul, MN

(Building South of the Farmers Market in Lower Town):  Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.

– AND – Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

Admission:  $10 (tickets sold at the door) (All students free with ID)

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