#9 chords, and the ring of spring

#9 chords, and the ring of spring

SItting with my buddy Carei
on Monday
we take over an hour to go through one song,
him spelling out the order of the notes on his black piano
and chords I thought I knew
revitalized “just move your left hand pinky down a half step, and keep the shape”…
and guess what?
if you’re confused about the chord, the notes of the melody probably have something to do with it!
I have known Carei since 1978…. and he has
an amazing book of music.
I have played many of his tunes for years,
and now getting into the meat and skeleton of them
the sinews the essence
Him smiling, his fingers not working like they used to
but he know’s when the sound is ” right” or not.
I write it down, GO slower than I am used to, FINALLY know how it is supposed to go.
we eat tamales,
I go outside into the warm afternoon sun
of a great day.
of #9 chords.
Everything is possible,
I go to bed dreaming of the shapes.
of where the fingers go..
Just leave out the 5th!

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