apple orchard at trout opener

apple orchard at trout opener

it is in mid april
the weather is perfect to catch trout: cold, wet, with brief spots of sun:
thousands of trout in Minnesota met their end yesterday. ( i usually stay home that weekend to avoid crowds)

I went with Matt
to his orchard near Frederick, Wisconsin.
Here are some brief haiku:

rows of gnarled branches
overgrown with raspberries and grapes
ready for a haircut of clarity, the pruner’s hands.

wagon loads of spikey branches
how high can they stack?
slap against branches of trees as we drive by
We take a break to eat lunch
a local farmer drives by, turns around, comes to talk.
” that guy who owned the orchard before was a real shyster!”

Piles of new branches
stacked on old ones
raspberries growing through all of it.
Working and talking
laughing and telling stories of our lives
my body begins to get sore from within,
Time to drive back
I don’t want to leave the birdsong
a LinenKugel at Deer Park bar sounds good.
This day was not spent fishing
but still outside
I am thankful for Ibuprophene

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