Anxiety, bare trees, possibilities.

Anxiety, bare trees, possibilities.

Why am I taking so many
photographs of
bare trees?
All winter, except for the spruce, cedar and pines, the branches have been bare.
( oh yes, the errant red oak’s dead leaves stay on until they are pushed out by new buds)
and now
with unexpected time
on my hands
my hands not only find patterns on the piano keyboard,
chopping onions for curry,
but taking out dead wood from the bush/tree out front-
-picking up apple branches-
i go on these long walks
and gasp at the trees
the april sun getting stronger,
( although it is in the 40’s this week only)
and it won’t be long
until moustaches and beards of green erupt-
leaves like wild hair
popping out from the pores
and trimming versus leaving the wild?
both are essential.
figuring out the meaning
of bare trees in April
and what it is to my life
right now.

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