April 21


this morning already

before 9:15 am

i have seen the rain,

felt it start while walking the dog

smelt it’s fragrance

seen the ripples in the puddles

heard cardinals, sparrow songs.

Seen the sun emerging,

hesitatingly, then retreating

and all this I have seen, heard, smelt.

Ever shifting reality.


and meanwhile

in the class where i have taught

most of the year

8 and 9 year olds

don’t even have a window to gaze out

nor a breeze through an open window

no connection to the world in unfolding spring

due to circumstances

I am allowed to look out the window, open it, walk around, and reflect on

my life.

and they are stuck inside

trying to meet standards

without even a window


to look out of.

(A brief escape

during recess.)

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