May 2nd with my dear friend Nathan

May 2nd  with my dear  friend Nathan

It’s been a long week. Rain for almost 8 days. While rain is essential for plant growth, our water table, our survival, so is sunshine! Nathan and I began, the skies were dark, moody. we played the music we liked: starting with one thing, ending in another. In the key of D, one can find ” in a silent way,” “ghosts”, ” do you know the way to san jose”, and inside all songs are the seeds to all other songs. In the middle of ” The sadness of lilacs”. ( my waltz that Nathan really understands!) the sun came out, beaming, shooting rays, making me want to almost take off my fancy green shirt to go to t shirt. No way was I going to pull the shade! What joy, to play music, get loud and quiet, with a very good friend, and having people listening, even when we got as quiet as a whisper. Very appreciative, I am. Rover, the Black piano was happy too to play melodic tag with Nathan. Fantastic to talk to so many kind people, hang with Sara, Leo, & Jean, Davu. The tomato/lentil soup was marvelous, as was the Illicit sextet who came after us. Chris Lonheim is very tasty pianist, and the ensemble has a solid sound. Spring, you old devil, you are here! Thank you very much.

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