trout camping

Coughing and weak

I sit in a chair by the morning campfire

Savoring canned cold plums


Cardinals and orioles flitting in the trees.



Chanting the daimoku

Appreciation wells up in me

I wonder how many years, months or days I have left,

But so glad to have these moments in the world

The great people, the life I have.



Everyone else has gone fishing.

I remember having had to squeeze every moment out

Like that… on the water

A joy.

But I did that yesterday. And feel glorious,

Now I hear the birds: turkeys, orioles, tanagers, cardinals.




I used to think I would die in winter: like my parents: our first daughter… all succumbed to January.

But I could think of no finer way to go

Than sitting in a campchair,

The sound of running water,

Birdsong, my family and friends chanting with me.

A way to say goodbye and thank you at the same time.


I don’t think I am near death,

And I tend towards drama,

But I still mean what I say.ImageB

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