Reprive ( from “Vexations”)

Reprive from “ Vexations”

Erik Satie, do you know what an ipod is? It is a machine that selects music music in a random fashion, and plays it. Of course it is not entirely random, it depends on how much information ( music) is loaded into another machine, ( called a computer) and transferred. In my ipod, there are many selections of music. Some of it is by you.

So if you don’t put it( the music) in it won’t come out. But, in the ipod of my mind, Vexations will not go away.

I have not “downloaded” vexations into my ipod. Yes I did access a few versions of others playing it.

My mind is like an ipod. I recall music that I heard once or twice before, or reassemble familiar sounds in a different way. This is called compositions. You have done it. Me too. Many of us do. It would be easier if we just heard what was done before, and let it go at that.

For many days now, I have been hearing the sounds of “vexations” on auto repeat in my head. It is getting a little annoying.

On Fridays, I play piano at my favorite little café, the Black Dog. I was playing with Josh G, a strong young bassist, and Larry S, a sweet toned trumpeter. And in the car, listening to Lolly’s show on KFAI, “ the sugar shop” I heard a song that saved me. War is ( was?) an instrumental band of the 60’s/70’s. and beyond. “ Allday music” blasted from my car radio, and I smiled and smiled.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love this group, ” Cisco kid”, ” low rider” and so many other songs.
Such sweetness… a happy song to welcome summer, vocal harmonies, organ, percussion, completely refreshing. Completely not Vexations!

It was a truly fun gig . We played my waltzes, boleros, tango; theme from “ MR. Hulot’s Holiday”, “ The look of love”, tunes of Carei Thomas, and even went into “ Mercy Mercy” by Josef Zawinul. Some big jazz cats were coming in to play the set after me, and I was getting a bit nervous. Then it passed, I stopped judging myself.

I had the rest of the night off from “ Vexations”.
Now it is raining, and “ allday music” with it’s promise of “ let’s take a picnic, go to the park: is not a possibility. I have a bunch of other gigs this week. My wife is out of the house: now I will go practice a piece that I both hate, and love.  Erik Satie, did you have this all in mind when you put these sounds together?  I am in too deep now to back out. You monster!

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