In the middle of the night

In the middle of the night

I woke up
took the dog to pee at 3:14 am
it dawned on me
that it does not matter
how many wrong notes I play
when I play vexations.
that the mistakes are playing those intervals
that sound tonal.
but when you play a “wrong” note
no one dies. Miles Davis said ” make it the new ” right note.
or play it like you mean it.
and what would Thelonius Monk have to say
to Erik Satie? How would he play “vexations?” Or Cecil Taylor? Or Randy Weston? Or Lennie Tristano?
or Bill Evans?
Does it even matter?
Do I have to go to the church of the inscrutable,
eat only white foods,
wear grey velvet suits,
be a reclusive alcoholic
To play this tune?
Today, the sun. Early June. I am enjoying hearing many kinds of music in my head.
and I practiced Vexations, without becoming vexed.
Take that, Erik Satie.

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