free jazz in a Rock and ROll town… a memoir.

Todd Harper. music of outside

The young man moved to Minneapolis for college, after two years in Duluth, where he had first heard records of Pharoah Sanders, Weather Report, and Count Basie.  It was 1978.

The rest of his generation was split between the BEE GEEs & the Ramones.  He went for neither.  The young man almost went apoplectic over “wisdom through music”, and decided to play piano again, and hey, why not tenor saxophone?

And in the loneliness of the University of Minnesota, where there was still disco, and the beginnings of punk rock, it did not reach the young man’s heart.  He became a jazz fascist.

It was  the time of the Replacements, Husker Du, Prince, Soul Asylum, the Times, the Suicide Commandos, the Suburbs.  The young man saw none of these shows.  He didn’t like the energy, until the end of the decade.

The young man hung out at the  Lake cafe…

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