June 24 1979

A skinny kid

 21 years old

rode his bike across the bridge to the University.

In a rented room, he decided to practice  SGI Buddhism, received his Gohonzon.

Many things changed since then: 

The morning and evening recitation of the sutra is shorter,

we are no longer under the authoritarian thumb  of a corrupt priesthood.

….and what has changed , is the young man.

He who was once unsure, so unsure of his life and mission, is  now determined to break through

all obstacles, to create the most amazing life.

The experiences have been amazing, and the support from all my friends, outstanding.

I thank all the people who have encouraged me, those alive and those who have passed on.

I don’t know if I have another 35 years left.  But no matter how many years, months, days I have,

I will chant the daimoku  each day, and fulfill my mission, respond to my mentor.

Thank youImage



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