To the young man I found sleeping in my chair this morning.


You can’t do that.

You can’t just walk into any old house you after partying all night

Drinking and who knows what

So high that you didn’t know who you were.


I open my door to a lot of people:

But you just opened an unlocked door

Stumbled in, drunken

Hairy legs sticking out from under a blanket


You were confused… thought you knew me

You didn’t. I escorted you out

My wife called the police   who picked you up

A block and a half later.


You swore at the police saying I let you stay there

And that you didn’t take anything.

No, you took no physical thing from me.

You took a feeling of safety from me, but from now on I will be sure my door is locked, as my guard dog was safely asleep.


Dude, you didn’t need this. I was so sorry to look out the police car, and say

“that’s him”.

You had been found sleeping in stolen car earlier this year.


If you would have done this at the house next door, Ue would have shot first, then called the police.


Please get your life together.

You weren’t dangerous, just stupid.

Please get your life together.

You can’t do this any more.

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