9th Stream Music !

Jazz for Close Quarters

On 9th Stream Music, Todd Harper brings to life the intimacy and warmth of his live performances. The bright sound of Nathan Hanson’s saxophone lights the path between Harper’s original compositions and arrangements and memories of summer nights with old friends. The arrangements are simple but elegant, and they include several catchy “ear worm” tunes, like “Libby’s Lunch” and “Are Your Friends Spiders?”. This disc would be great fun for the entire family. I highly recommend 9th Stream Music. I suspect there’s a story behind each song, which is great fun to imagine while being transported into Todd’s happy place.

Chaunce Stanton
Author and Abecederian Jazz Critic

IT’s here ! It’s here!  Todd Harper’s new disc, 9th Stream music is now available to the World!  9 songs, 8 by Todd Harper, (and one by his good friend Carei Thomas. 3 latin tunes. 3 waltes. two  ” ballads”;  one ‘bouncy”

Simple, elegant cover design and original artwork by Joe Maurer.  Todd Harper, piano. Eric Coursen, the whisper drummer. Aaron Kerr, eclectic, electric cello. Nathan Hanson, soprano saxophono. Keith Yanes, bass viol.

this is bigger than “3rd stream”. Everyone can name 9 influences; maybe it shifts here , there, river like, after floods of inspiration, and dry spells.  The river is never  exactly the same from year to year.   More to say on this later.

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  1. We’re spending an enjoyable afternoon at home with Todd Harper’s latest … inspiring me to be productive and happy at the same time! Wow, Todd, your brain/spirit works in lively and creative ways.

    My favorite? Well, of course it’s “Libby’s Lunch.” Sounds very tasty! .. something homemade and classic and cozy, but with very exotic side dishes (made with veggies and herbs from Todd’s garden, perhaps?).

    My second favorite is “Waltz for Buddy” (who is Buddy?). Or maybe it’s “Drama in Real Life” (if only life could be this coo-oool when drama hits!).

    Jazz music fascinates me. My brain just doesn’t work that way, but my heart appreciates it!

    Nancy Dunlavy (with hubby Howard)


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