Metaphorsisis….. new in a series.



Greetings earthlings !  It has been a long,but restless autumn.  Leaves seemed to stay on the trees longer, the killing frosts didn’t come until after the sobering,chilling election.

I noticed a few things this fall.

Each time i put my music on line, it seems that i am almost guaranteed that i will NOT get paid for it.  So, i want to concentrate on releasing my music,  on a fairly regular basis.

While it is a big event to make big releases…. is that what I want to do?  I can’t afford to put out a big  fancy project as often as i want.  So what should I do?

the solution came to me….

-Put out frequent small releases.  Low budget, handmade covers.  focused, well recorded.

VOILA !  the first of this series is ” Metaphorsisis”…

 A few friends suggested that i do a solo piano CD.  This is ironic, as i am really an ensemble player.   But this fall seemed like the right time.  Most of it I recorded on October 7th, and some of it last year.  I was able to put this together without a lot of perseveration.

This CD is less than 21 minutes long… enough to get through in a listening.  Just because a person can make a 70 minute CD, does it mean they should? How many folks never get to the last song?

I  designed the cover,and drew them.  all 150. It has been a grounding experience!

They are only 7$. Of course, if you like, you can send me more.img_2757

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